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Interracial Cheerios, the Fine Bros., and how we present media

This past sunday, TheFineBros, YouTubers famous for their ongoing React series, posted a video about kids reacting to a new Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family. The original Cheerios commericial supposedly received so much backlash on YouTube from peers, that “they were forced to disable the comments.” This was the main point of showing it to … Continue reading

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The ability of our teachers to teach shouldn’t matter, right?

Recently the Boston Globe requested that the School Board in Boston release information on the assessments given their teachers. The board has declined. It seems that according to them, the public who, let us remember, is responsible for the taxes from which these teachers are paid, does not have a right to know how the teachers in their … Continue reading

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The (near) Future of Education

The title to an article posted earlier today in the National Journal reads, “The Future of Higher Education Looks Nothing Like the Present”. The article goes on to eventually say that “by 2020, two-thirds of all jobs will require education beyond high school.” This being a claim based on a report published by Georgetown University. … Continue reading

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Psst! Let’s blame it on the one who just walked in

Countless reasons have been given for the economic crisis of 2008. Verifiable, though easily deniable answers have been found; conspiracy theories abound; “natural” economic cycles have been claimed to have caused it – and now this: Poor math skills caused subprime meltdown. That was the title of an article by the Wall Street Journal two weeks … Continue reading